General Site Information
Site_name:KBS Lux Arbor Reserve Prairie
Tower_team:PI: G. Philip Robertson - - Michigan State University
PI: Jiquan Chen - - Michigan State University
FluxContact: Michael Abraha - - Michigan State University
IGBP:GRA (Grasslands)
Climate_Koeppen:Dfa (Humid Continental: humid with severe winter, no dry season, hot summer)
Mean Annual Temp (degrees C):9.9
Mean Annual Precip. (mm):1027
Years Of Data Available:Ameriflux: 0 (Duration: - )
FLUXNET: 0 (Duration: - )
Description:The site was under conventional corn/soybean rotation row crop agriculture for decades before conversion. The site was converted to no-till soybean in 2009 and to perennial native prairie from 2010 onwards. Starting from 2011, the prairie is harvested every autumn/fall.
Acknowledgment:Supported by DOE (DE-FC02-07ER64494, DE-AC05-76RL01830) & NSF-LTER (DEB 1027253)
Site image(s):No images submitted.
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